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134 Main Street East
Stewiacke, NS, B0N 2J0


Exploring mutually beneficial horse/human relationships.



We're sharing, with people of all ages, practical and positive tools to help them manage the challenges of modern life - through exploration of movement, mindfulness, intuition, breathing, play, music, creativity and mutually beneficial horse/human relationships!

Around the Studio and Barn

Our mission is to help people of all ages and circumstances to manage and balance everyday life, by creating a space where everyone is welcome to slow down, decompress, breathe, simplify, rejuvenate and tweak creativity.  Our movement activities, taught by certified yoga instructors, offer increased strength and flexibility, as well as tension release,  immune system boost and so many other benefits.  Mindfulness provides stress relief, relaxation, self-awareness, grounding and connection to the world around us.  But, we're not too serious here!  We all have enough complication in our lives, so our programs are about simplicity, fun and taking a break from the hectic activities of daily life.  Our painting activities are all about connecting with your intuition, which in a word is really . . . play! 

Benefits of Our Programs

Whether outdoors connecting with the horses and the natural around us, or in the studio creating and stretching our bodies and imaginations, we are all about making a space where you can be free to relax and explore.  Maybe you will get 'unstuck', or just enjoy playing with ideas, friends, paint or poses.  Work out the kinks, clear the cobwebs, take a break, calm the mind, inspire yourself or get the energy flowing.  It's all good!

I met a puppy as I went walking,
We got talking,
Puppy and I.
‘Where are you going this nice, fine day?’
(I said to the puppy as he went by).
’Up to the hills to roll and play.’
’I’ll come with you, Puppy,’ said I.
— from A.A. Milne poem "Puppy and I"

"Once upon a time there was a girl with curly red hair. She dreamed of working at a farm, with horses, she dreamed of being able to brush their hair, feed them treats, she dreamed that she would sit on their backs high in the sky and never leave that amazing moment. She dreamed of taking care of them, and making them happy. She dreamed that everyday she would learn something new, and exciting about them, and their world. She wished sometimes that she could even be them. Strong, confident, beautiful, peaceful, and calm, and careless. She would spend most of her young life with these amazing creatures. Watching them, and learning from them. In a way, they had raised her. They made her the person she was today. A single stroke of their hair, awakened her heart, and her mind, each prance of their hooves struck something inside of her. Each munch of hay, reminded her of this wonderful life she was living in. And that being around horses made it even more wonderful. She learned lessons, and made mistakes with the horses, made amazing discoveries. She sat with them, while she was sad, when she was mad, and when she was pure happiness itself. Horses have a 'way' of making you better, mentally and physically. They push you to be, who you were really meant to be in the first place. They encourage you to always stay playful. And bright. They inspired you to always be yourself and to not care what other people think of you. And this girl, with curly red hair listened to them. And those horses always will be with her in her heart in every decision she makes. And every year that goes by, she will remember to be herself. And not to let anyone change her. Once upon a time, there was a girl with curly red hair. And she's still here." - Shannon Rafuse

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