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134 Main Street East
Stewiacke, NS, B0N 2J0


I have 'connected the dots' between awareness, movement, intuition and creativity to enhance the daily lives of people in my community. 


B.A.M. Program For Employers

A new offering for those who are advancing innovative, leading-edge approaches to wellbeing in the workplace.

An Innovative wellbeing offering for your employees and business

Are you an employer/business owner/human resources professional who would like to realize a solid investment
in the wellbeing of your employees, and your workplace?

 If so, you will want to know about a new, effective and economical, workplace wellbeing program:
B.A.M -  Breath.Awareness.Movement!

What's unique and innovative about this wellbeing offering?  Participants won't need lots of time, a special space or any equipment to practice - in only seconds or minutes per session.  In fact, it can be done in place, anywhere, anytime.  The program is designed for people of all body types and abilities, with no floor exercises, heavy cardio, extreme stretching or weight-bearing.  At the initial one-hour training that could be done in a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session or anytime, I'll personally teach participants how to do the simple techniques for maximum benefit.  

You will be surprised at how effective this program is – because it is built on a few basic, but surprisingly overlooked, biological principles that relate to how our bodies, and particularly our nervous systems, are working, every second of the day,
for better . . . or worse. 

I’m Terry Stanislow, a lifelong resident of Nova Scotia. As a certified yoga instructor, I see how people reap the benefits of effective, mindful breathing and movement all the time.
Now, I am bringing those benefits, in a convenient, effective format, to our community!

This training is practical, economical, achievable and easy for you to deliver to your workforce.  Simply provide one hour, a space and the learners – I'll come to your location, whether it's a boardroom, lunchroom, warehouse or anywhere inside (or comfortable outside) and fairly quiet, and do the rest!  How about a Lunch and Learn session? You can pass on room rentals and travel expenses.   For one initial, per-person fee and hour of training, your employees will receive lifelong knowledge and this valuable skillset to carry on with the program at their own level of interest, at work and at home. 

 The free online support tool is designed to maximize your investment by keeping people interested and engaged.  You'll have employees who feel better, think more clearly, are more energetic, handle acute stressful events more effectively, manage chronic stress better, are more comfortable physically and have more energy every day.  
This program directly address some common challenges such as reduced flexibility, stiffness, low energy, sore joints, poor circulation, overwhelm, anxiety and all kinds of common, everyday stressors.

In short, this innovative program is sustainable, safe, practical, effective, easy to implement and economical.   It's a great way to give your employees, and your organization, the gift of improved wellbeing every day.
 How?  With breathe . . . awareness . . and movement – B.A.M!

Interested? Let’s chat!