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134 Main Street East
Stewiacke, NS, B0N 2J0


I have 'connected the dots' between awareness, movement, intuition and creativity to enhance the daily lives of people in my community. 


Process Art

What would you paint if . . . you had no fear?  What would you paint if . . . there were no judgement or critique of your work?  What would you paint if . . . there were no one watching?  What would you paint if . . . you didn't know what would appear?  What would you paint if . . .

Imagine . . . giving yourself a mini-vacation anytime, anywhere . . . leaving your everyday 'busy mind' while tapping into the source of your intuition . . . experiencing the joy in your authentic expression in a supportive and non-judgemental environment . . . embracing the unknown with a sense of adventure and creativity.  You can!

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experiences for individuals and groups!

We usually think of visual art as an object that we see hanging in a museum - a painting, sculpture or photograph. But, the process of making art can also provide benefits such as empowerment, self-discovery, personal growth, healing and much more. It can be a very effective practice for daily stress management, an escape from 'the usual', bring joy and expansion to our lives, no matter who we are and what our lifestyle entails. My mission is to share the incredible benefits of expressive art making with people from all walks of life, to help them leave the 'busy-mind' state, to be more mindful and in the moment. Practice alone, take it on the go or - creating together as a group is a unique and surprising experience that can build team energy and spirit while also providing the individual with a great tool for creative thinking and problem-solving. I want to light that creative spark that is there in each of us. We may have let it burn out when we left childhood, but it's still there waiting to be sparked up again. A more creative, intuitive approach to daily life is something we can all enjoy and benefit from anytime, anywhere!

benefits for children, youth and adults from all walks of life

The mission of the (Canadian) Arts Network for Children and Youth is "to ensure that all children and youth have the opportunity to experience creativity and the arts for their personal growth, social development and community involvement. "  Here, you can read their publication entitled Healthy Children Participate in the Arts.  An excerpt from the article:  The arts and culture play an important role in “at least seven of the twelve determinants of health defined by Health Canada” which includes personal  confidence, control, social connectedness, education, and a supportive physical environment”.  Here, you can also check out the publication entitled The Arts Play a Role in Crime Prevention.  It contains some very compelling statistics about the benefits of art participation by youth in communities.  Visit the Arts Network for Children and Youth website to check out their very comprehensive links on their Research and Reports page.

Of course, the benefits of creating art are not limited to children and youth - they apply to people of all ages and from all walks of life!

My thoughts on nurturing creativity and social change

I do believe so strongly that an environment where each individual is able and even encouraged to tap into their inherent creativity - from the source of their intuition – that is the environment where the seeds of enlightened progress are planted and nurtured.

We can explore this in the studio. Let's take the blank white expanse of paper. Is it something to fear? Is it every creative's nightmare?  NO! Take that fear and turn it into a 'space of unlimited possibility.' What we do in the studio is so relevant to life! What could be better for kids and adults than learning this way of being? Toss the whole idea of fear. Trust your intuition - let the unknown manifest  and then see what happens. What will others think? Forget about that - it's not important. The truly inspirational leaders and people who are changing the world for the better know this! In the studio - we get to delve in, explore, challenge the conditioned thinking that keeps us from our unlimited potential.  We practice life skills that will help us in our everyday lives.   When we hold space for free creativity, we hold space for evolution and progress!

Process painting happens in a series of at least four sessions of 1.5 or two hours each session.  Pricing based on number of people in the group. 

During a huge snowstorm, Terry did a painting session with my two young boys, their friend and I. She kept the three very active boys enthralled for hours. We all learned how to relax into the creative process. It was a challenge for some of our personalities! I highly recommend her studio for people who are interested in exploring their creativity, or who simply want an entertaining way to spend an afternoon. We are lucky to have this gem of a small business in our town. It has sparked an interest in both my children and we will be heading her way for another session shortly.
— Gillian Doiron

Upcoming:  Keep an eye out for program announcements for events happening in the annapolis valley in 2018!  I will be offering process painting, art journaling, the artist discovery series, pd days for youth and more!  if you would like to know more about my programs or process art in general:


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